Why Do I Have Panic Attacks At Night: 4 Major Causes For Panic Attacks At Night?

Why Do I Have Panic Attacks At NightMany people have spent sleepless nights. Many people feel that something is wrong in their body. Having sleepless nights is not a common phenomenon but it’s a panic attack. I know many would be asking this question: Why do I have panic attacks at night? Why is it happening only to me? All these are questions which didn’t have an answer previously but now after you finish reading this article, you will get answers to all these. Medical researchers have identified that many people who usually suffer from panic attacks complain that they suffer panic attacks only at night.

Why do I have panic attacks at night: 1st reason: Excessive use of alcohol

It has been observed that the major reason for having panic attacks at night is due to over dosage of alcohol and drugs. Many people consume loads of alcohol to relieve out their stress. But what happens is that stress comes in another form. Stress comes out in the form of panic attacks that to at night.

It has been observed that alcohol disturbs the balance of blood and causes abnormality in the person. Hence over consumption of alcohol disturbs the whole body in such a way that it causes panic attacks at night.

Why do I have panic attacks at night: 2nd reason: Usage of drugs

Heavy dosages of drugs have been a major cause for people especially the teenagers. They consider it as a pleasure to have drugs but it’s after effects are as harmful as it causes you to have panic attacks at night. Drugs contain the entire worst chemical which leads to panic attacks. It has been proved that drugs are the major cause of panic attacks among the teenagers during the night time.

Why do I have panic attacks at night: 3rd reason: Day time activities

The most common reason for panic attacks during night time is because of the various day time activities of an individual. Various disturbing activities that happen to an individual during the day leads to panic attack at night! The person would have encountered depressing activities like the death of a friend or a relative, fight with their spouse or friends, all these activities haunt them during the night time leading to panic attack.

It has been observed that even positive activities can be really dangerous. In the sense panic attacks occur due to both positive and negative activities. Positive activities also prone to anxiety and excitement which tends to panic attacks in a person during night.

Why do I have panic attacks at night: Final reason: Medications

Causes of Panic Attacks at NightIf you are having so many medications for other reason like headache, or any other diseases like pneumonia, heart attacks, chest pains, etc then these medications have adverse side effects in that individual causing panic attacks during the night time. Medications contain various compositions of chemicals which adversely affect the brain of an individual causing it to cause panic attacks during night time.

Hence these are the 4 major reasons for having panic attacks during night time. Hence for teens, my sincere piece of advice is not to consume alcohol like water and also follow the safest treatment methods for curing panic attacks at night. This will lead to panic attacks during your night time. Hope this article will give you the much awaited answer on “Why do I have panic attacks at night”.

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