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How To Help Someone Having A Panic Attack

Panic attacks can occur out of the blue and can be caused by a variety of psychological, physical and emotional factors.

This article discusses the steps on how to help someone having a panic attack.

How to help someone having a panic attack1) To help someone with a panic attack you need to first learn what happens during a panic attack.

During panic attacks the body releases chemicals such as adrenaline and cortisol in response to a perceived threat.

This mechanism is present in all of us human beings and helps us survive and take evasive action during danger, however in people with panic attacks this system is triggered off even in the absence of a real threat. It is important to understand that the body can produce only limited amounts of adrenaline and other stress hormones and once the body burns out all the adrenaline the panic attack will stop. This usually takes 5-20 minutes.

2) If the person is having a panic attack for the first time, you can ask the person to describe, to the best of his/her ability, what is causing him/her to have a panic attack. This will help you determine if the condition is a panic disorder or if the individual is suffering from a real medical condition.

3) If the person is suffering from such an attack for the first time you need to rush them to the emergency department to seek immediate medical help and evaluation. You can also check the Linden method of treatment which will help you to get treated without medicines.

4) If the person had panic attacks before and is suffering from a repeat panic attack then you can help them greatly just by being there for them. The person may often be unable to think logically during the course of a panic attack, so trying to convince them logically is not going to help, avoid dismissing the situation as something trivial or exaggerated, such strategies will only make the person feel more lonely and provoke resentment.

5) Sit the person down and help him/her to relax by talking in a calm, relaxed manner. Ask the individual to describe the situation that is causing him to have the panic attack, this helps reduce the feelings of fear and panic in the individual.

Having a panic attack6) Encourage the person to slow down and take deep breaths. Shallow breathing tends to worsen the symptoms of anxiety because it reduces the blood flow to the brain and the heart beats faster in an attempt to increase the blood supply. Deep and slow breaths help the person get control over their panic symptoms.

7) You can help the person take slow breaths by keeping count of their breathing. Ask the person to inhale to a count of 3 and then exhale to a count of 3. Keep increasing the count gradually until the breathing becomes slow and regular.

8) The panic attack will go away after a few minutes. You can encourage your friend to seek professional help to deal with the panic attacks.

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