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Does Alcohol Cause Panic Attacks: 5 Major Answers on Why Alcohol Causes Panic Attacks

Does alcohol cause panic attacksMany people have been wondering whether alcohol causes panic attacks. Well the reply to this is yes indeed. Consumption of alcohol does lead to panic attacks. The next question you will ask me is how come consumption of alcohol leads to panic attacks. Well the answer for this question is what this article is all about. I know this would come as a shocking new too many people who consume alcohol. It has been found that almost 90% of the people suffering from panic attacks are heavy drinkers.

Hence the reason for panic attacks. Let’s just have a detailed look on the answers for your question does alcohol cause panic attacks.

Does alcohol cause panic attacks: Yes: Reason no 1:

Consumption of alcohol affects the heart by increasing the heart beat. So when the heart beat increases, it’s very obvious that you will become panic and which ultimately will lead to panic attacks. To summarize the 1st reason, over consumption of alcohol increases the heart beat rate which leads to panic attacks. You can easily follow Linden method of treatment during this panic attack.

Does alcohol cause panic attacks: Yes: Reason no 2:

Over consumption of alcohol leads to dizziness! The mind and body goes blank. You will not know what you are actually doing. Your mind will start getting in all the bad thoughts and all the bad things which you intend to forget. Hence this will lead to dizziness and light headed which will increase your panic quotient. That increase in panic quotient will lead you to get panic attack.

Does alcohol cause panic attacks: Yes: Reason no 3:

It has been observed that over consumption of alcohol has lead to severe chest pains. This is because; the alcoholic contents prevent the heart valves from functioning normally. Hence you are bound to suffer from severe chest pains which will obviously lead to panic attacks.

Does alcohol cause panic attacks: Yes: Reason no 4:

Many people think that on consuming alcohol, they can sleep peacefully. That is very much a wrong notion. What happens is you might feel that you are sleeping peacefully but the whole body, mind, muscles all tend to get too disturbed and strained for no reason. The muscles will start compressing itself because of the harmful chemicals like ethanol which affects the muscles. Hence you are actually straining your body and making it vulnerable for panic attacks.

Does alcohol cause panic attacks: Yes: Reason no 5:

Does alcohol cause anxiety attacksIt’s very true that alcohol causes panic attacks mainly because of the various chemicals and acids present in the alcohol. These acids and chemical get deposited all over your lungs and heart. They also get deposited in the food and wind pipes hence making you feel choked. You will feel shortness of breath and you will suffocate.

I am sure the above 5 answers would have definitely convinced you that consumption of alcohol leads to panic attacks. Hence my sincere advice to all the people reading this article! Also read the most famous treatment methods article which will explain you in detail which will help you to avoid panic attacks.  Kindly avoid drinking alcohol. I know it will be difficult to stop all of a sudden but at least you can reduce day by day. The less you consume alcohol, the healthier you will be.

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