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Do Panic Attacks Run in The Family: The Most Debated Question’s Answer Revealed!

Do panic attacks run in the familyThe most debated topic with respect to panic attacks is do panic attacks run in the family. Panic attacks can occur for many numerous reasons and one of the major reasons for panic attacks have been the hereditary and genetics. So the answer for the question “Do panic attacks run in the family” is a big yes. It’s very true that panic attacks run in the families.

Panic attacks have been the most terrifying attacks an individual can get and the impacts of these panic attacks are very much life threatening. Panic attacks are very much terrifying because it will take your life into a very abnormal one. There have been many cases in which people have attempted suicide to escape from panic attacks. Hence panic attacks can never be taken for granted.

Do panic attacks run in the family

When doctors analyzed the various causes of panic attacks, they found a startling discovery. The question “Do panic attacks run I the family” have been the most challenging question to the doctors and they have finally confirmed that panic attacks do run in the family.

For making this confirmation, a group of doctors took more than 1000 patients profiles who were suffering from panic attacks and they found out that more than 25% of the people have got panic attacks when they are absolutely fine. Doctors then went through their family history and bingo. They found that their grand parents or fore fathers have suffered from panic attacks. Hence the source of panic attacks for these people was from their genetics and hence you need to follow the Linden method of treatment to avoid this panic attack being passed to your next generation.

Panic attacks in the familySo on further analysis, they found that even a small fraction of genetics does get in herited down to younger generations due to which these people suffer. So the next question will be the various treatments of panic attacks. There are indeed various treatments for panic attacks. For those people who suffer from panic attacks due to their genetics, natural treatments have been the best solution to get rid of their panic attacks. Various natural treatments like yoga, meditation, and walking, stretching exercises will help the person to get cured from panic attacks completely.

The most famous therapy technique for treating panic attacks is the cognitive behavioral therapy. This is one of the most important therapies especially for people who suffer from panic attacks due to their genetics. This involves counseling by the therapist.

The therapist also helps the person to change the pattern of thinking of the various negative thoughts and fears about panic attacks. In most of the cases where genetics is the major cause of panic attacks, then tend to fear more thinking about their next generation.

These unnecessary fears only worsens the panic attacks and its with the help of therapist in this cognitive behavioral therapy, an individual can get rid of these fears which in turn will help him to get rid of panic attacks.

So this article is for the people who have been searching for the answers on “do panic attacks run in the family” and I hope I have justified the statement with sufficient details and you can also follow any one of the famous treatment techniques so that it will be easy for you people to get cured soon.

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