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Do Panic Attacks Cause High Blood Pressure: The Complete Fact File About The Relation Between Panic Attacks And High Blood Pressure

Do panic attacks cause high blood pressurePanic attacks have always been associated with high blood pressure these days. But is this fact true? Do panic attacks cause high blood pressure? How panic attacks and high blood pressure are related? Read out below to find the answers for these questions.

Recent medical study has found that panic attacks do cause high blood pressure. In general, we all know that panic attacks cause health problems. The most common health problem one will be suffering is from high blood pressure.

Whenever a person feels stressed, then the blood stream gets injected into the stress hormones which will ultimately increase your heart beat more than 5 times the normal beat. This results in an increase in the blood pressure.

A panic attack usually spikes the blood pressure for a short term. So what happens due to the combination of panic attacks and high blood pressure? This deadly combination will lead to a severe cardio vascular damage. And the most common of it is the hyper tension. This occurs due to panic attacks which ultimately increases the blood pressure which in turn causes the narrowing of the arteries. Due to this the heart needs to exert more force to maintain a proper circulation of blood. Hence this leads to a rapid and fast heart beats due to which you will very much uneasy and uncomfortable.Hence you should be aware of the most famous Linden method of treatment for curing panic attacks.

Do panic attacks raise blood pressureThe next major consequence that will follow due to this deadly combination of panic attacks and high blood pressure is the dizziness. Due to the fast heart beat which we discussed in the previous paragraph, the person tends to start feeling very dizzy. He or she will feel that the surroundings are revolving around him or her. The individual will start experiencing a blurred vision.

So the answer for do panic attacks cause high blood pressure is yes it does. So what is the cure? There are various treatments available for curing from panic attacks.

The major treatment for panic attacks which causes high blood pressure is exercises. Regular exercises will help in avoiding stress which in turn will reduce the high blood pressure.

The next major treatment that can help in reducing high blood pressure is a proper diet. Many people suffering from panic attacks are due to the fact that they don’t follow a proper diet. Nowadays junk food has become the major source of panic attacks these days.

These junk food increase high blood pressure (because of panic attacks) due to which one suffers very badly. So to reduce panic attacks and ultimately to reduce high blood pressure, one needs to avoid junk foods and eat only green vegetables. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits.Also check out the various treatment techniques here.  This will help you to reduce the panic attacks drastically.

Hence these are the complete fact file about “do panic attacks cause high blood pressure” and the final answer for this is that panic attacks do cause high blood pressure.

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