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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques For Children: The 6 Techniques

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Techniques for ChildrenCognitive Behavioral therapy techniques for children are the most effective therapy techniques for children. This cognitive behavioral therapy tends to change the pattern of children’s unhealthy behavior through various techniques. After careful analysis by medical researchers, they have found very effective cognitive behavioral therapy techniques for children.

The effective cognitive behavioral therapy techniques for children are listed below:

1st technique: Validity testing

In this technique the doctors ask the children to give various examples for their negative thoughts. Doctors then realize the validity of the reason told by children. This is called as validity testing and is one of the CBT techniques for children.

2nd technique: Aversive conditioning

This famous technique deploys the principles of classical conditioning to reduce the behavioral appeal which is very difficult to change as it is neither habitual nor temporarily rewarding. The child is exposed to a very unpleasant stimulus while trying to engage in or thinking about the behavior in question. Gradually the behavior becomes associated with the most unpleasant rather than his/her pleasant feelings. In the process of counter conditioning, a maladaptive response will be weakened by the strengthening of a response that is incompatible with it.

This well-known type of counter conditioning is known as systematic desensitization. This counter conditioning counteracts the anxiety of children connected with a specific behavior or situation by inducing a very much relaxed response to it instead of the abnormal response. This is an important cognitive behavioral therapy technique for children.

3rd technique: Positive systematic reinforcement

A child’s behavioral is very much motivated by positive reinforcement. Here various rules are formed to specify various certain behaviors.

Here the rules take the form of tokens that can be accumulated and later exchanged for certain various privileges. In the sense withholding itself weakens it. This kind of popular treatment method is known as extinction where the eradication of undesirable behavior is done by making the child wanted withhold the reinforcement. For example, a child who has the habit of shouting to crave for attention will be ignored unless he or she speaks in a very much conversational tone.

4th technique: Goal oriented treatment techniques

In this technique, the treatment becomes goal oriented to solve day to day problems. This involves working step to step treatment to achieve goals.

5th technique: Modeling treatment techniques

Here in this case, the therapist asks the child to act out various reactions based on different situations. This can then model the behavior of the child. This is one of the CBT techniques for children.

6th technique: Giving assignments to children

CBT Techniques for ChildrenIn this type of technique, the therapist will encourage the child to do daily assignments of his abnormal behavior. This also includes taking notes during the therapist session. Therapist may even record all the therapist sessions so as to observe the child’s improvement in every session. There are also few famous techniques like the Linden method which will be very effective in children.

Hence these are the major 6 cognitive behavioral therapy techniques for children followed by medical therapists all over the world on children. Hence by reading these, you should have got an overall picture of what cognitive behavioral therapy for children. I am sure these techniques will help your child recover from cognitive behavioral disorders. And for more detailed explanation to these techniques, i would recommend you to read these techniques from this resource here. Wish your child a very speedy recovery.

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