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Anxiety Disorder Causes Symptoms: 3 Major Causes And 14 Symptoms!

Anxiety Disorder Causes SymptomsAnxiety disorder has become a very common disorder among various people from different parts of the country. Many people suffering from anxiety disorder do not know the anxiety disorder causes symptoms. Hence this makes the anxiety disorder go undetected until it becomes very much severe. Hence it’s better to understand the various anxiety disorder causes symptoms and to educate all my readers on this topic, I am going to tell you the various anxiety disorder causes symptoms.

Anxiety disorder causes symptoms: 1st major cause

It has now been proved officially and medically that anxiety disorders are caused mostly due to genetics. Hence family genetics play a role for an individual to get the anxiety disorder. As anxiety runs through families and tradition, an individual is very much prone to anxiety disorder. Just like we inherit our fore father’s characteristics, we also do inherit the disorders too! Anxiety disorders can be genetically transmitted from one generation to the next generation.

Anxiety disorder causes symptoms: 2nd major cause

The next major cause for anxiety disorder is due to excessive consumption of alcohol and other nicotine based substances like drugs. It has been identified that various people who drink alcohol more are tend to get anxiety disorders. Also in the case of teenagers, anxiety disorders are primarily caused due to the drugs they take in.

Anxiety disorder causes symptoms: 3rd major cause

Medical experts claim that various events which create an individual to stress out during the day time are bound to be one of the major causes for anxiety disorder. These stressful events keep haunting the person and it leads to excessive anxiety and which in turn leads to anxiety disorder. Stressful events can be like work pressure, parental pressure, fight with spouse or girl friend etc.

Anxiety disorder causes symptoms: Various symptoms of anxiety disorder

The various symptoms of anxiety disorder are:

1. Frequent heart and chest pains.

The first symptom is that the person will suffer from frequent chest and heart pains.

2. Getting restless.

The individual gets restless too often. You might love to sit in a garden for long hours but suddenly you don’t even sit even for few minutes. You get restless. Then it’s one of the major symptoms of anxiety disorder and hence you need to be careful in choosing your anxiety disorder treatment for this.

3. Feeling lonely

If you start feeling lonely in spite of many people with you like your parents, spouse and relatives, then it’s one of the major symptom for anxiety disorder.

4. Too much of sweat even while being in an air conditioned room

If you start feeling too hot and you suffer from excessive sweating then it’s indeed a major symptom for anxiety disorder.

5. The body trembles or shivers a lot.

If you are suffering from anxiety disorder, then your body starts trembling a lot and shivers a lot.

Other frequently occurring symptoms of anxiety disorder include:

  1.  Causes and Symptoms of Anxiety DisorderFeeling too cold even during hot summer.
  2. Getting tired too frequently and very easily
  3. Losing your concentration very easily
  4. Frequent headaches; feel like something is banging on your head
  5. Feeling tension in your body muscles.
  6. Frequent body pains.
  7. Frequent choking in the chest
  8. Feeling irritated soon
  9. Frequent usage of restrooms

Hence this article gives you a total picture of the various anxiety disorder causes symptoms. Know that you know the causes and symptoms, this article will be complete only by providing you the details of the best treatments available for anxiety disorder.  Mentioned above are the most major causes and 14 easily and crucial symptoms for anxiety disorder.

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